[lineswoodec 2023] Beijing rectifies technical training prepaid card refund difficulties

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Yesterday, the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Administration held...

Yesterday, the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Administration held a special inspection meeting and announced that, for the first time, it would conduct a special inspection of single-use prepaid card management in vocational and technical education institutions. City from February 15th to April 10th. A Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that the special inspection focused on more than 140 educational institutions in the city to implement eight aspects of card issuance and prepaid provision. storage and withdrawal of funds; It focuses on certificate signing and implementation. The issue of refunding prepaid consumption was reflected.

[lineswoodec 2023] Beijing rectifies technical training prepaid card refund difficulties

According to the report, the eight tests include: First, professional and technical vocational examination training institutions that report late to the personnel and social security departments of prepaid cards exceeding a certain number and a certain amount, hide reports, and make false reports. The second is the issuance or renewal of a prepaid card by an educational institution for vocational and technical examinations. Third, the behavior of professional technical qualification test educational institutions regarding savings and money management according to regulations. Fourth, professional technical qualification test educational institutions issue certificates to consumers with certain contents. Fifth, the act of an educational institution intentionally delaying or unreasonably refusing to return the advance payment for the vocational skills qualification test. Seventh, the implementation of professional and technical qualification examination educational institutions for transaction accounting in accordance with the regulations. Eighth, it is the act of storing prepaid card transaction information in accordance with regulations by professional technical qualification testing institutions operated through e-commerce platforms.

In July of last year, the city issued the "Regulations on Controlling Prepaid Card Funds (Exam)" by the Beijing Vocational and Technical Examination Training Institute (Exam), taking the lead in the country. Control the prepaid funds on a single card. Among them, 'eight prohibitions' are emphasized. Prohibition of guaranteed promises such as guarantees, guarantees, certificate acquisition guarantees, use of certificates as members, and proxy registration of those who do not meet the prescribed requirements are prohibited. . Expenses that exceed eligibility for exams, presentation of exam questions, tricks and tricks of consumers, and serviceability of educational institutions are not permitted.

If the student does not participate in the training within 7 days from the date of signing the contract and completes the payment, the student can cancel the contract unconditionally and make a request to the educational institution. Return the payment amount. One-time full channel refund. Educational institutions that have issued more than 100 prepaid cards or received more than 10,000 yuan in advance must report to the county-level contact and social security department at the place of registration within 5 business days. Among them, the scale of issuing branch cards to the head office is included. In addition, educational institutions must include all funds received in advance in the fund depository, independently select Beijing Competent Commercial Bank and its branches as depository banks, sign service contracts, and open special accounts for deposits. beforehand. . The special deposit account is "invisible". Upon receipt of the deposit, it must correspond to the progress of educational services. Depending on the completion of educational services provided by educational institutions and related withdrawal requests, the depositary bank confirms and agrees to withdrawal within 5 business days Funding is provided. If the student does not agree to receive the funds, the savings bank will not allocate funds.

A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily reported that the special inspection is generally a comprehensive inspection phase from February 15 to February 28, a problem-solving phase from March 1 to March 10, and a problem-solving phase from March 11 to April 10. We found that the standards are divided into three phases of improvement phase. The Human Resources and Social Security Administration failed to comply with required submissions, failed to set up special accounts for the deposit and storage of funds, and failed to award contracts. Certificate if required. In the case of educational institutions where corrections are not implemented, are incomplete, and corrections in question are artificial and extreme,

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