[lineswoodec 2023] Enabling the Connotative Development of Education with Digital Transformation

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The theme of the conference is “Digital Transformation and the Future of Educati...

The theme of the conference is “Digital Transformation and the Future of Education”. Earlier, in a press briefing held by the Ministry of Education, the head of the agency said that since implementing the National Strategy for Digitalization of Education a year ago, significant progress has been made and that the country has basically built the largest scale of education and training. institutions of the world. reserve bank.

[lineswoodec 2023] Enabling the Connotative Development of Education with Digital Transformation

Currently, digital transformation is bringing about changes in society as a whole, and digital transformation is also taking place in the field of education. Global education is facing serious challenges, particularly affected by the novel coronavirus pandemic, and the large-scale online learning that has resulted has further accelerated the process of digital transformation in education. Over the past three years, Korea has experienced a wide range of online experiences unprecedented in the history of global higher education, and has accumulated valuable experiences by utilizing various digital resources such as MOOCs and virtual simulation experiences. The digital transformation of higher education is in full swing, reshaping education development models and methods of great strategic importance.

The digitization of higher education aims to create a new education ecosystem that is data-driven, human-skilled and cross-border, through comprehensive and inclusive digital transformation, and builds higher education that is more relevant, complete, open, equitable, superior and sustainable. Education system, new education system. Digital transformation in higher education is a long-term process of incremental development and incremental iteration.

UNESCO's digital technology implementation process in the field of education is divided into four stages: initiation, implementation, integration and transformation. The world's first higher education digitization strategy report led by Korea, "Endless Possibilities - Higher Education Digitization Global Development Report", divides the digitization of higher education into three stages of development. A major challenge in the transformation phase is to strengthen the digital infrastructure and platform construction to lay the foundation for the next phase of development. The transformation stage mainly implements the digital transformation of various elements and links of higher education through deep mining. Analysis of education-related information to implement digital transformation in higher education's organizational, teaching, service and management forms; The intelligence stage is the personalization, improvement and comprehensive services for the digital transformation of higher education, mainly through the in-depth implementation of new digital technologies. To provide teachers to further promote the comprehensive reform of education and teaching models, teaching concepts and management methods. Students with comprehensive development opportunities to form a quality culture of new education and new education with human development as the main essence for the future.

We can define the current stage of development as version 1.0 of the digital transformation in education, with the creation of digital infrastructures and digital platforms, and in this context, by promoting the free, inclusive and individual development of human beings. Digital Transformation in Education Version 2.0. If version 1.0 of the digitalization of education focuses on facilitating the construction of things and the application of technology, version 2.0 of the digitalization of education focuses on the inclusive development of people and therefore presents a particular complexity and challenge.

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