[lineswoodec 2023] Say goodbye to "the physical education teacher is sick"

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The General Administration of Physical Education of China recently published &qu...

The General Administration of Physical Education of China recently published "Practical Thoughts on Establishing Coaching Positions in Schools", stipulating that schools may establish full-time (part-time) coaching positions to participate in education and physical education. Actual work comments apply to compulsory education schools, general secondary schools, colleges and universities.

[lineswoodec 2023] Say goodbye to "the physical education teacher is sick"

In October 2020, the Central Office and the State Office issued the "Opinions for Comprehensively Strengthening and Improving School Sports Work in the New Era" and proposed the creation of full-time (part-time) coaching positions in universities, secondary and primary schools. . Schools.. Establishment of recruiting outstanding retired athletes as schools and physical education teachers or teachers. Addressing the shortage of PE teachers. This time, the General Administration of Sports of the People's Republic of China proposed organizing coach positions in schools to specifically implement the "opinion" requirements of the central administration and the state administration.

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Education, at the stage of compulsory education in our republic, the share of physical education subjects is 11% of the total volume of educational programs, and the weekly teaching time of physical education teachers is 15 hours. There is a shortage of about 120,000 physical education teachers, and the shortage of physical education teachers is especially noticeable in elementary and secondary schools in rural areas. The organization of full-time (non-regular) instructors is an important measure to solve the shortage of physical education teachers in schools, and is also conducive to enriching the content of school physical education and promoting the reform and development of the field. of physical education. physical education at school.

Due to the current situation, the creation of permanent (incumbent) coaching positions is facing substantial resistance. First, it is limited by the proportion of the total number and structure of staff and specialized technical positions. The shortage of physical education teachers in our Republic is mainly limited by manpower, in some places there is insufficient investment in education and in some places there is an imbalance of manpower in some subjects. Education such as arts and physical education are more prominent. The opinion is that the positions of full-time teachers should be established in schools and within the framework of authorized bodies, the total number and structural proportion of professional and technical positions, special positions and management professional and technical positions, the total number of personnel and professional and technical positions matters should focus on resolving .. Quantitative and structural correlation problems.

The second is that some schools do not pay enough attention to sports issues and sports reform. There is no guarantee that PE classes will be fully open. More important than the creation of full-time (part-time) leadership positions is the reform of physical education in schools and the improvement of the quality of physical education. Many students are afraid of PE class because they are bored of practicing only running and jumping during PE class. Physical education should cultivate students' interest and skills in sports, and the most attractive educational method for students is to form sports teams or clubs such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, and swimming teams. Students independently select one or more sports teams to participate in training and competitions in sports teams. Each student will have two main personalities: the "student" of the school and the "member" of the sports team, which will help establish the mass sports of the students and find the best sports seedlings for full implementation. Integration of sport and education. You need a playground, facilities and most importantly a professional coach to lead your team for training and guidance.

After the 'double cut' of all compulsory education schools in Korea, after-school services were established. Arts, sports, technology and other activities, which also require a lot of special staff (part-time department) teachers. The composition of the teaching staff is directly related to the quality and regularity of the teaching profession. Among them, in addition to creating full-time (part-time) coaching positions, flexible methods such as hiring physical education teachers, hiring retired athletes to lead teams at schools, and purchasing services from third-party organizations can be utilized. out of school.

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