[lineswoodec 2023] Non-disciplinary training is not a new track for "involvement" in education

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As the school year begins, more and more parents are starting to consider sendin...

As the school year begins, more and more parents are starting to consider sending their children back to school. And unregulated off-campus training is on the rise. Over the past few days, 13 institutions, including the Ministry of Education, have systematically developed non-academic out-of-school education guidance, "A Study on the Supervision of Out-of-Academic Education for Elementary and Secondary School Students". A journalist's investigation found that some non-standard off-campus education still has problems such as confusing costs and low standards.

[lineswoodec 2023] Non-disciplinary training is not a new track for "involvement" in education

From an overall perspective, prosperity in the non-major training sector is good for both educational progress and overall student growth. Participation in unregulated education allows students to use their free time more efficiently. However, a prerequisite for realizing these benefits is that undisciplined education can be developed in a standardized way. "Participation" in new education rather than becoming a path by stepping on the train of subject training

Notwithstanding the express requirements, educational institutions must not charge a one-time fee or in counterfeit forms such as top-up and sub-cards for study hours of more than 3 months or 60 hours, and cannot exceed RMB 5,000. It was common to study hundreds of hours and charge tens of thousands of yuan at a time. In addition, problems such as lack of qualifications of training institute instructors or licenses full of water are common, and various organized tests have been flooded for a long time, becoming a 'magic weapon' for training institutes to generate profits and persuade. Parents enrolling.

The presence of chaos of any kind not only exposes parents to enormous economic risks. However, in recent years there have been cases where non-standard training institutions have had to run away with the money. And since there are no good and bad teachers, children will not sign up for classes to hear scientific and effective advice. The 'major exam', full of entrance exam-oriented thinking, destroyed many children's interest in culture and sports. Some say they're like, "I don't want to touch this stuff after exams."

On the one hand, it is necessary to strengthen the standard management of non-normative training. Strengthen regulatory measures on school duration and fee amounts, and investigate and address common violations. Institutional access and eligibility standards should also be increased to prevent institutions from replenishing fish stocks in troubled waters. Normal market regulation of educational matters requires practical measures to strictly control illegal grade test violations and link "trade tests" to admissions and further education. Only clear signs of strict oversight and boarding in a grounded way can increase the cost of breaking laws and regulations and the growth of chaos. Undisciplined training can be wild.” Fluke's thoughts

On the other hand, most parents should give up the idea of "overtaking" in undisciplined training. Compulsory education is strictly limited. And many parents invest vast amounts of money, time, and energy in their children's non-subject education instead. You want to enrich your child's resume for admission and further education. As everyone knows, "Overtaking" is purely speculation. As the Ministry of Education has clearly stipulated, “Non-academic out-of-academic education outcomes are not related to university enrollment. "High school and elementary school" and children spend too much energy and time on these disciplines. But they also lose interest in cultural and sports projects. This "overtake" is not only worth the loss. However, there is a risk of "overturning".

Practitioners, students, parents and educators all benefit from a healthy educational ecosystem. Inclusive and standardized governance is required to achieve sustainable development. Do well in the current governance of all chaos, investigate and deal with common cases.

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